Junior Boating

Come and have fun at WSPC while you learn to row, canoe or punt. From the age of 6 years old, we aim to get young rowers on the water as soon as possible. They will learn about safety (both on and off the water), be able to identify boats and equipment and most importantly learn good rowing technique while having fun.

We introduce “fun racing” as soon as possible. Young rowers received huge benefits from competitive sports: physical, mental and emotional. Of course, winning is great but we will also learn about sportsmanship: the importance of being a good winner and a good looser.

We have single dinghies which all young rowers starts their rowing journey. They will move on to double to learn to work as a team and for fun, we can go out in canoes.

From the age of 11/12 (depending on abilities), you will be able to start training in full size skiff.

We meet every Sunday from 10 until 12 starting after Easter until September.