Wraysbury Long Distance

As the name suggests WLD is a long distance (Head) race starting below WSPC going upstream and turning around “Pats Croft Eyot” before heading back down and finishing at the club.

The event is for double skiffs and includes men’s and women’s categories from Novice to Senior as well as Veteran. Boats are set off at approximately 20 second intervals and timed over the course to give an overall ranking as well as category winners.

The course as below and is about 4.5km and a winning double will complete it in about 24 minutes.

Originally an WSPC internal race, called ‘The Slade Slog’ after our captain of the time Ray Slade, the WLD was adopted as an SRA event in 1984.

Original map of the course
The event and course has remained the same for more than 30 years
Modern map of the course
Click the image to access an active map