Wraysbury Long Distance

The Wraysbury Long Distance (WLD) took place Saturday 21 May the results are listed below.

A great event for double skiffs with more than 30 years history raced over 4500 meters, now includes O1 & O2 Outrigger racing. For more details about this race see the WLD Page

The racing categories are …

GSDGents Senior DoublesLSDLadies Senior Doubles
GHDGents Higher Doubles (< 24 points)LHDLadies Higher Doubles (< 24 points)
GIDGents Intermediate Doubles (< 16 points)LIDLadies Intermediate Doubles (< 16 points
GNDGents Novice Doubles (< 8 points)LNDLadies Novice Doubles (< 8 points)
GVDGents Veteran Doubles (Open)LVDLadies Veteran Doubles (Open)
GEDGents Entrant Doubles (0 Points)LEDLadies Entrant Doubles (0 points)
O1Outrigger – SingleO2Outrigger – Double

Waiting at the start
Let the pain begin …
Pre-race Briefing