Wraysbury Dragons and Waka Ama – Marcus & Diane

Me and Diane have been dragon boating for a few years now. It all started when we entered the local charity team to the London Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival for pros, corporates and charity teams. We only had a handful of lessons before the event. Which involve lots of frantic splashing about, resulting in all of us being completely soaked by having a good laugh.

On race day, we had no expectations other than raising money and having fun, but to our surprise, we came first in our category. When they announced their name, there was such a loud roar it was deafening. That euphoria would be hard to replicate. From that moment, we were completely hooked on the sport. Later we joined the local club to hone our skills and gain experience in races around the UK.
We were also able to participate at international races with various teams in places like Hong Kong, the US, Germany and Cyprus. Undoubtedly, the highlight of our Dragon Boat career was being selected for GB Senior B team alongside many of our fellow Wraysbury Club members.

In September 2022 we clinched gold and silver medals at the European Championships in Spain in truly nail biting fashion. It was an incredible honour to represent our country and who knew that was even possible at our age?

But most of all, singing our National Anthem on the podium is a moment in time we shall never forget.

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  1. Inspiring read …. there’s something very special about being given the opportunity to wear a GB Vest and even better when you can wear a medal with it!
    Well done Marcus and Diane …

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